Now we have to make sure only gamers joining utilizing BungeeCord can be a part of the server. Goal: IP Forwarding permits you to IP ban players when connected by way of a BungeeCord server. Worldguard allows protections to be added to spawn or other builds across the server. Click here to view all WorldGuard rules you can create. 1. If you do not have already got a proxy server, you may order one right here. This is the IP and port your Bungee proxy is being run on. CommandNPC – An addon for Citizens that permits NPCs to run commands when gamers select them. Your BungeeCord network will want a server for each of the servers you want to run, plus an additional server to run BungeeCord. BungeeCord/Waterfall servers config.yml to true, save modifications and restart the server nobody shall be ready to use any of the IP:Ports in the network aside from the proxy servers IP:Port. BungeeCord is a sophisticated proxy and API designed primarily to teleport players between a number of Minecraft servers. Steps 2-5 needs to be repeated for any servers you want to add to BungeeCord.