This can be a customized ReShade with modified render settings for much better lighting AA reflection and MXAO. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas received a brand new model of a well-liked mod called Timecyc and ENB Remastered which guarantees to make the game extra real looking without losing a lot performanceCreated by the nickname consumer James22 it changes several particulars within the games coloration and lighting system in order that it looks like real places. Hello when i'm going the the graphics settings i cant chage any factor it keeps the decision on 800x600 and all the opposite issues on Low i have the amd 7970 and i run all my video games on ultra even bf3 with no issues and when i attempt to change somthing its like freez on low. Here goes-Set up Patch 8 from Rockstar-Copy Pauldll to a protected place it needs a protected place Just like our sad sad nation. All three games in the epic saga are right here together GTA III GTA Vice City and GTA San AndreasbrbrExperience Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy for PS2 with full 1080p up-rendering and enhanced options similar to Trophies Shareplay Distant Play Activity Feeds and Second Screen help for sport manuals with PS Vita or PS AppbrbrThis title has been converted from the original PlayStation2 model to the PS4 system.