Amidst whatever birthday stuff we do this weekend as I have a good time one other yr on the planet, I'm going to be gearing up for Select My Adventure (polls close on Sunday morning and there's nonetheless an in depth race!), enjoying some Star Wars: The Outdated Republic now that I've unlocked my Legacy on each servers, and attempting to slot in some Final Fantasy XIV. As standard, I will be plodding round in the Old Republic as well as taking one other take a look at Xsyon. JayeRnH: I am enjoying the usual, RIFT and EverQuest II. New options just like the coin purse and gear belt have been met with a constructive response, and the new achievements and XP meters have added a robust incentive for players to keep playing the sport. Sure, there's a negative stigma to merges, and that's because when possession comes into play, damaging things occur in merges — especially if mentioned game is a sandbox. In case your kids are clamoring to play with you but you do not relish the concept of corraling them into an age-appropriate area of your own MMO of selection (though in the event that they're dying to play what you play, we urge you to provide it a strive), do not write off so-referred to as youngsters' video games.